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Give Your Oil Bottles a Second Life!

If you're anything like me, you have a stash of empty Young Living oil bottles in your house, and car and purse...
Here are some ways to reuse them!

  • Use them as small vases.
  • Use to create pre-made diffuser blends.
  • Add a dropper top to use for DIY serums or diffuser blends.
  • Refill them with the same oil and keep at a different location in the home.
  • When bottles are empty, place in some epsom salt (mix them all in a large jar together!) to remove any remaining oil. OR place them in a jar of water and use the water in the diffuser.
  • Use clean, empty bottles to make a windchime!
Easter Diffuser Blends

Spring Cleaning Diffuser, Roller and Spray Blends

Open the windows and let the sunshine in! These blends will freshen up your home and bring the feeling of cool, crisp morning and sunny afternoons. These oils are wonderful for supporting immune and respiratory health as we head into the changing seasons, and they are great for our emotions as well!  

You can also easily transform these blends into roller recipes and sprays!

  • To make a 10mL roller from any recipe: triple the number of drops to make a total of 35-45 total drops, add a carrier of choice (we love V-6 Vegetable Complex) and you're good to go! 

  • To make a 2oz spray from any recipe: double the number of drops to a total of about 25 drops, add a splash of witch hazel and fill with filtered water. Spray on upholstered surfaces, bedding, rugs, anywhere you want to freshen!

Enjoy April!