Meditation and Relaxation Techniques:
There are various forms of meditation and relaxation techniques.

Meditation can be taught in sitting, lying down, walking, moving or dancing.  Learning forms of meditation can help an individual find what works best for them instead of being discouraged by the stereotype of sitting in a lotus position with a quiet mind.

Relaxation techniques also vary and can be tailored to the individual in order to be able to relax physical, mental and emotional tension.

Guided Imagery:
Guided Imagery can be tailored for each individual to promote healing, reduce pain, reduce stress, release mental clutter, and is a great tool for maximizing the effects of medications and chemotherapy. With guided imagery and the state that it induces, the participant is capable of more rapid and intense healing, growth, learning and change. These techniques can be incorporated in a session, or the direct focus of a session.

Essential Movement:
Essential Movement is an opportunity for the body to unwind, moving in space releasing pent up tensions in the body-mind, enhanced by guided exercises in focus, attention, breath and sound.   This experience is a great release and integrates body, mind, spirit and emotion, inviting a melding and integration to take place.

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