Hi There!
Check out the exciting things that September has to offer. 

You'll see a lot of Back To School ideas. If that's not your season of life, just substitute work or anything that requires focus, intention and staying healthy. Works for me!  
🎁September's Gifts🎁
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190 PV
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📝Back To School Recipes🗓️

Diffuse it, roll it, spray it - no matter how you use these combinations you're gonna love them!

You can use these same recipes as 
  • a diffuser blend, 
  • a 10mL roller blend 
  • or a 2oz spray 

  • For the diffuser blends, follow the spray recipe or simply add a total of up to 12 drops in most diffusers (up to 20 for the Aria!). 

  • If you want a larger spray bottle, simply double the amounts. 

  • To use the sprays, add the ingredients to a bottle, invert to mix and spray onto surfaces or skin as desired.
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✏️Back-to-School Wishlist! 📋
If you want to download the list click here: BackToSchoolWishlist.pdf

🤗 Fall Wellness Essentials 🤗

Have a wonderful September!