Do You Know About the
SIMPLIFIED Fall Collection?

We flew through our September Simplified inventory, so keep an eye out for this collection to come back.. You'll want to grab this dreamy set of autumn-inspired scents to enjoy all season. This set includes 3 special scents: Cozy Cabin, Gingersnaps, and Orange Spiced Cider. 
Read more about each of these unique blends ready for your diffuser! 

Thieves Chest Rub
get instant relief from cold symptoms with this plant-based chest rub

Thieves Roll-on
support your immunity naturally with this easy-to-apply wellness roller

Thieves Cough Drops
stock up on this top customer favorite for the winter months 



10 Loyalty Rewards Points


R.C., 15 ml



Thieves, 15 ml


KidScents SniffleEase, 5 ml



Breathe Again, 15 ml


Inner Defense

*Bonus gifts for qualifying Loyalty Orders

Are you tired, depleted, stressed out?
If you've been struggling with sugar cravings, overwhelmed with stress, and feeling run down to the point of exhaustion, NingXia Red could be the answer you've been looking for.

Honestly, I rely on NR every day and people are always asking me about my energy and vitality!
Can I share this mini series with you? Tap the button below to join me for 5 days to learn all about NingXia. I'll tell you everything I know about this amazing drink!

Challenge starts Sept. 14th but join the group now.
Come on and join me in this Facebook Group challenge that some of my Young Living friends are running.   Adrenal and Hormone? That makes me think of energy and mood. Feel Good! That's enough for me to jump in.  You can read about it and join the Facebook Group here:
All you need is your Young Living Member ID.  Can't grab it? I have it so reach out to me. 
The group is active now and the Challenge using the products  starts on September 14th but it doesn't mean you can't join in later. 
If you don't have Sulfurzyme (powder or capsules), Endoflex (vitality or regular) or Nutmeg (vitality or regular) go ahead and order them and get started when you receive your products.  In the meantime you'll be learning about these products and how they affect our bodies,  plus you'll be hearing about the user's experiences. That's the fun part.
Personally, I am a daily Sulfurzyme user and my body, joints, nerves, etc have never felt so good. Great for hair and nails too. I have Endoflex and Nutmeg with my morning oils but I must admit that I forget to use them daily. I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel after the challenge and onward.  

Have a great September!!

Kitty Holzmer