Welcome to Creative Wellness

Advanced Massage, Bodywork, Myofascial Release and Energy Healing

Kitty Holzmer, LMT, OT/L

I provide relief to tired, stressed, hurting women and men who desire to heal in body, mind and spirit -

  • For relief from your persistent pain, headache, or aching neck or back,
  • To calm and quiet your too filled head,
  • To revive your drained spirit,
  • To experience skill, solutions, and support when you have relentlessly sought help for your pain or problems
By receiving personally crafted body work and energy healing specific to your needs, you can have a fuller, softer, more pain free experience of your body, your mind and the world around you. You can be more comfortable as you work, play and enjoy your family and friends.

If you would like to feel more at home in your body, and relax into your heart and mind then join me.
Please explore my site and discover the healing arts I offer you.