A little background...
I'm a Natural Wellness Educator focused on teaching women how to use essential oils and make healthier and non-toxic choices so they can age gracefully and enjoy each day to the max. I’ve also been in the helping professions for over 40 years including practicing Occupational Therapy for lots of years and for over 20 years I've had a Massage Therapy and Energy Healing private practice. .

The trouble started when...
Through the years I personally developed some harmful habits which resulted in a damaged body and mental and emotional challenges as well. For many years I mindlessly engaged in taxing habits like:
  • Walking and running on concrete when I was a city girl in New York for lots of years, doing harmful damage to my back and joints.
  • Being carefree with what I ate and drank, as long as I could manage my weight. (That explains lots of the running.)
  • Using mainstream toxic and glamorous self care products on my skin, hair and body.
  • Using toxic cleaning products in my home and burning candles in my home and office for many years.
Going down the tubes in my 30's.....
In my 30's, I was in constant neck and back pain, and the next few decades other problems arose like poor sleep, fatigue, scattered thinking, mood swings and even more joint pain and a degenerated disc that evolved over time. Little did I realize that the toxins in personal care and cleaning products were going through my skin into my body, plus I was inhaling them as well. Also, my diet and and drinking (alcohol that is; drinking is another story for another time) daily built up to cause chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, metabolic disturbances, and more.

And just what I needed!
And then came perimenopause! The mood swinging and sleep disturbance got much worse and the hot flashes turned me into a real mess, plus my brain didn't seem to work; I couldn't think! I didn't know in the beginning that there were natural options available to me. I could have entered perimenopause more sanely and safely; and now, more and different additional changes occur on the other side of menopause, but my story gets better.

Where did I go?
Throughout all of this, in many ways I had lost touch with myself. I always loved to dance, move and celebrate my body. Expressive movement and dance helps me to connect with my feminine spirit and I missed that so much when I was in so much pain and couldn’t move as I craved.

Help was on the way...
During that perimenopause time (which for me was my early 40's), I started searching for natural solutions to address how I was feeling. Eventually I was introduced to some amazing essential oils and I connected to a community that educated me on how to use them and other targeted supplements and chemical free lifestyle products that have given me my life back. In addition I learned the importance of a balanced diet, and nutritious food that could help my body to work its best.

Oh yeah, and him.. I got lucky.
I've been married to this guy for 27 years and he didn't see all of the ugly, but hey, he did go through perimenopause with me so he gets a medal!. I have 14 years on him but it doesn't feel that way.

So good, so good!
These days I've discovered a natural way to
  • sleep better,
  • move freely,
  • feel energetic,
  • have my body systems working well,
  • and at my age enjoy my sexuality as well!!!
Now, at 70+, I am living full force, loving life, doing gratifying work I love, and sharing the wonderful essential oils and natural way of living that has helped me so much. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help others and to offer women at any age and especially midlife and beyond, alternatives to a breaking down body and mind.

What's your story?
I would love to hear from you about your experiences and how you would like to feel as you go through the rest of this adventure called life!

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