An introduction the topic here and personal story. 

1. Move Like Mother Nature

Move like water and weather, constantly in motion and ever-changing. 
If you feel stuck, move your body; walk, dance, cycle, stretch...

2. Let it Breathe

Give your lady parts a break from being cooped up all day. Take off the tight pants and underwear and free it! Wear free-flowing garments that give her a bit of space.

3. Girls Only Time

You know that feeling when you're around your girl friends; the feeling that brings your energy back? So call up your girls, and be yourself!

4. More Orgasms 

5. Receiving More

Fill up your heart by opening it to receive the positive energy around you. 

6. Communication
We are called social butterflies for a reason. Get out and spread your wings!

7. Let Your Senses Play

8. Get Creative

Use your creative energy to make something. You can write music, paint a picture or cook something delicious. 


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